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If this user creation requires an additional cloud service licence (Office 365 / Google G-Suite etc) the account and associated costs will be added to your agreement and billed on the next billing cycle. If you are unsure please contact us for further information on 000 00000.

Please do give us as much notice as you can for new user requests, ideally 3 days before the new starter arrives.

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    3. New User Account Settings

    The below options will be used to create the user account on your system as well as to configure the user's email settings. Please note a unique password will be generated for the new account.

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    If a new machine needs to be ordered from Anika Tech Support, please specify in the 'other' box at the end of the form.
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    4. Permissions

    The information in this section will determine the system access levels of the new user’s account.

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    Can we replicate the permissions of another user?
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    5. Software

    In this section, please detail which software the new user needs to have available to them.

    Does the new user require access to any specific line of business application?*
    Eg. Sage, Teams. If yes, please give details.
    If your emails are Office 365, does the user need to install Office software
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    6. Printers and Screens

    The below will define which printers the user will have access to and at which level

    Which printers does the user need access to?*
    If yes, please state printer details.
    Do they need any limitations to their printing?*
    E.g. only black and white. If unsure, please choose "other".
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